Dreams + Work = Success
January 17, 2020
Goal Setting
February 5, 2020


The past is written, impossible to change, so why are so many of us living there? Living in shame, of what we have done, when we could live in awe of what we might become. Choose to look inward and find your strength and just make those steps necessary for a deserved and fulfilled life…. 

The words of `George Nicola, my twin, best friend, and this book is dedicated to you bro.

“George, we choose to now look forward, and we are wearing trainers. We do not look back at life in cement shoes. It is a matter of being brave enough to embark into the future with the tools of knowing thyself…”

As Pythagoras’ quotes,  “Man know thyself then he shall know the universe and God.”

My book on addictions is coming out soon!

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