How to Balance the emotional and rational mind wisely

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February 5, 2020
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February 15, 2020

How to Balance the emotional and rational mind wisely

How to Balance the emotional and rational mind wisely

 Successful relationships occur when you use your wisdom because you are focused on both emotions and facts.

This is explained by Kain Ramsey in a Udemy course. He states there are three parts to the mind the emotional, reasonable and wise mind. Everyone has all three parts, yet most people function using one part of the mind more.

When the reasonable part is used, you see things scholastically. You are a factfinder; you may be ridged and cold with little humor. People may be nervous around you and find it difficult to confide in you from fear of being judged. It is where many relationships break down.

Then there is the emotional part. This part bases decisions on feelings and acting spontaneously. It doesn’t think of the consequences, just being right at any cost which leads to destruction. Prisons are full of these types of people. When faced with a crisis the emotional response is triggered, they might lash out and shatter the relationship in the long term.

The part of the mind to sharpen is the wise part. It balances the rational and emotional mind. You respect the feelings of others and then make decisions.

The wise mind is used to tame the emotional triggers that perform a negative habit. The triggers that push you towards acting out when confronted. When the wise mind is used confrontation is neutralized. It works with the facts from the diary entries and empathy for the other person.

This wise mind is not defensive and doesn’t want to be overbearing or right. It sees correction as development. It uses people as their teachers and finds that by listening to people they learn. They become a much better version of themselves.

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